Style Videos

I’ve watched a lot of style videos on Instagram and decided to start making some for you. These are quick, fun videos where I stand in my closet and create outfits you can learn from. Take a look below. More coming.

Here’s a video of me going from hoodie hangin out at home to an outfit ready to hit the town, go on a date, or even going to work in most environments today.

The jeans look can be dressed up a bit, and maybe in different ways than you’re used to. Try this look with what you have in your closet and see how you feel.

A few different jackets with jeans

Staying with jeans here, but a darker wash Levi's 511.  Fancier socks, fancier shoes, and three different jackets to show you the versatility of just a few simple elements.

Biggest thing here - jacket cut and fit.  See my post on correct jacket fit to understand a bit more about that and go out looking sharp.

You can wear a jacket any time, in any situation, anywhere - well, okay, not the gym.  Casual work attire okay?  Cool, wear a jacket every once in a while.  You don't need a tie - just follow this video and you'll see what I mean.

Vintage Trucker Jacket with J Crew Shirt & Johnston & Murphy Shoes

Still on the casual side, going to keep the dark wash jeans - my current favorite pants to wear with anything and everything - and do a shirt and denim jacket with - wait for it! - fancy dress shoes!  That's right - going with a nice pair of Johnston & Murphy Wingtips.

But do I wear them with the laces that come with them?  Nooooo!  I switched them up to some funky light grey ones.  Down with boring I say.