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We're a Mens Lifestyle Brand

This site, Sage Warrior Gentleman is slanted a bit towards older guys, like 40-60+ age range.  Married, single, involved, it doesn't matter.  What we're committed to and what we're after is a community of like-minded men who are ready to turn years of knowledge into something great for the men and ladies following behind us.  We hope you'll join us, help grow the idea, and take pride in what you're doing.

Bachelor Survival Guides 

...is our site geared towards younger bachelors, but all unattached guys are welcome, of course.  We cover many aspects of living and making your mark in the world, from how to dress, to apartments, cooking, and fitness, and yeah, we'll talk about the ladies a bit too.  The site got hacked recently so we're rebuilding as fast as we can so go take a look, sign up and get your sweet freebie, and stay tuned for awesome content in the coming months.

Style Confidence For Guys

...is our site geared towards any man who wants to learn how to look better and feel more confident in clothes.  It is a fact that women and others respond to us differently when we dress sharp.  The Wall Street Journal has even published studies that prove that men perform better and make quicker advances when they dress up, as opposed to just casual all the time or even, the jeans and t-shirts thing.  We've got a book coming soon, and this is the newest site so we're still busy at it, getting it more complete every day.  Get on over there now for a special freebie - a super two pack pdf that you can't get anywhere else.