Thoughts During a Pandemic

I was in Cheltenham, UK (hence the rugby pic) when I first heard the news about COVID-19, working on a project with one colleague from Chicago and one local.  As we sat in the lounge at the hotel sipping whiskey, little did we know what was about to unfold, and how Earth shattering this virus would be.

I write this on April 13, 2020, otherwise known this year as Easter Monday and the major thoughts occupying my mind are:

  • How can something like this happen?

  • How will we move forward after this?

  • How do I use this opportunity to get laser focused on myself and my contributions?

I created Sage Warrior Gentleman as a means to both explore myself as an older man and to help guide others in doing the same.  I have a lot of younger guy friends and most seek my advice in some way or another.  

Because I’m a designer and researcher in my full-time day job, I tend to ask a lot of questions and give advice only when asked, and only as directed by the answers I get from the questions that I ask. By day I lead teams in business process research exercises that get to the root of the problem faced, and then I design software or process solutions with my team.  This opens up the possibility for discussion on fixes and solutions.

We can do the same now.  I’m not suggesting that we’re going to save the world by conquering COVID-19 - although some of us certainly will contribute greatly to that.

What I’m suggesting is that we use this time to really look deeply at our vast pool of knowledge gained throughout the years of work we’ve experienced.  Make notes on it all and start to see where the patterns are.  Create a Mindmap (get a free version of my favorite one here:  ) to start making sense of all of it.

Maybe your career has been very focused - that means you have deep knowledge of a specific subject matter.

Maybe like me your career has been varied, across a few industries - that means you have a broad perspective of many subject areas.

Either way you’ve been around for a while.  You've seen trends come and go.  You have vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom that you can share with younger men so that they can learn and grow in a positive direction.

And it doesn’t matter in the least what kind of work you’ve done all your life.  Young men are coming up with little guidance on how to be better men, kinder men, focused men.

You - as a Sage, as a Warrior, as a Gentleman - can help guide the next generation of men coming in to take over for us.  These are our sons, nephews, grandsons, friends, coworkers, and some may even be our bosses.

All I ask is that you give some thought to this.  The Pandemic is here and it’s now a major fact of life - there’s no dodging it, and the world will be forever changed by it.  

Us older dudes can make a difference if we care to.  I’m raising my hand.  Care to join me?

Stay healthy,



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