Welcome to Sage Warrior Gentleman

Three Facets of the Modern Man

This is a work in progress and will contain podcast interviews with incredible men, stories, guidance, coaching, art, and design from my experiences working around the world.

I’ve made the biggest mistakes a man can make – and I’ve come back fighting.

I’ve had some phenomenal successes – and will be forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.

More than anything now, I want to give back in the way of mentorship and coaching, to men struggling to get their shit together.  I don’t care if you’re 42 or 62, we men fuck up.  It’s a part of who we are.  If we’re smart we learn from each dumb-ass or ignorant thing we do.  If we’re not – we make them over and over and over again.

So, just wanted you to have something to start with while I finish up this site.  I hope you come back to check us out and tell your friends about it.

Glad to have you here,


Podcast Conversation with NYC Apparel Entrepreneur Steve Greenberg

In this episode I interview another of my NYC apparel industry friends, Steve Greenberg.  

Steve has had a great career in the fashion industry in NYC and as President of Pointcarre USA, supports some of the largest and best known companies with what I found in my career in fashion to be the best software for design textiles.

He was born in Brooklyn, NY and put himself through college, attending the Parsons School of Design where he earned a BFA in Advertising and Communication Design, along with a certification in Computer Graphics.

He managed Boyswear design for Federated Department stores before getting into the software business, with his first position there managing training and support for Monarch Design Systems, which later became Pointcarre.

He rides a Harley, plays guitar in a band that gigs in NY and the surrounding area, and will be leaving soon for a trip to Sturgis, one of the USAs biggest bike weeks.


Podcast Conversation with Cincinnati Tech Entrepreneur Marc Macaluso

In this episode I interview my friend and frequent collaborator, Marc Macaluso.  

Marc is a strategic minded business executive with experience in B2B at Emerson Electric and Regal Beloit, both multi-national industrial organizations where he honed his knowledge of Customer Experience. 

He is currently the CEO for Union Pointe Development, a consultancy focused on entrepreneurs, and the CMO for the healthcare company NKY Speech and Language Services.  Marc has worn many hats in his impressive career and he continues to push for clarity and excellence in everything he pursues.

He is also the founder of Cincinnati Digital CX Meetup, where he organizes informative monthly events and coaches younger professionals with career advice and strategy.


Podcast: Embrace The Pivot

This episode is the start of a series of solos I will do to build and strengthen the foundation of the interviews, and to give you more to think about.  Here I talk about the Pivot - those times in your life where you have to make a decision that might not have been in your plans.  Those time where everything was going perfectly and then something completely out of your control smacks you upside the head and punches you in the gut right after.

The Pivot can be life changing while being the scariest thing in your life.  But... you have to face it and you have to move in a direction that will open doors and help you establish a new life.


Hope you enjoy it - lots more to come.


Podcast Interview with Solution Architect and Technologist Paul Haskitt

Come listen as I talk to my friend and business colleague Paul Haskitt.  I got to learn what a fascinating conversationalist Paul is on a recent trip we took together for work in the UK.  Over whiskies at the hotel and numerous walks around Cheltenham, we bonded over string theory, fiction, and history.  I've come to rely on him for sage advice in tech matters as we work through our projects, and am happy to be able to call him "friend" now as well.  Enjoy!


Podcast Interview with Media Entrepreneur John LaCause

Joining me for this episode is my good buddy - and adopted big brother - John LaCause.  We go way back to the 80s in NYC when we lived in Spanish Harlem in a building where the custodian ran a stolen cars parts business out of the basement, and friends got stuck in the elevator.  A native Buckeye like myself, he taught school in Cincinnati for a number of years and will be returning once again to The Queen City in a few months for his retirement relocation.  He's the founder of JML Media and is also an AirBNB Super Host.  So come along and hear some words of wisdom from a man who never gives up and will pivot to keep learning and growing.


Podcast Interview with Construction Pro Steve Weiss

And we keep rolling on the podcast interviews with this awesome talk with my friend from my DC days, construction pro Steve Weiss. There's some real talk here gang so tune in and give this one a listen for some deep lessons in life and people.  Steve is an adventurer of the highest degree and shares some incredible stories about long distance motorcycle rides, and hairy storms at sea.  You don't want to miss this episode!


Podcast Interview with Apparel Entrepreneur Hal Davis

Joining me for today’s episode is my long-time friend and former business partner, Hal Davis.  Hal grew up in the clothing industry, quickly making a name for himself as an astute and competent judge of style and longevity.  Cofounder and partner of Trend Direct Global, Hal designs and develops private label brands, and works with some of the largest retailers in the US to design, develop, and manufacture their women’s clothing lines.


Podcast Interview with Tech Entrepreneur Dr Rado Kotorov

Another great podcast interview with Dr. Rado Kotorov. Rado is a tech industry innovator and startup founder and our conversation will make you think about many things in your life.  His current project is a tech startup call Trendalyze - a time series analysis platform that's turning heads and making waves in enterprise corner offices everywhere.  Listen in for some great strategies on business and life!


Podcast Interview with Retail Expert Jeff Sward

Headshot of Jeff Sward

This is the first in my new podcast series interviews.  Jeff was my boss during my last gig in the clothing industry in NYC and has remained a constant friend and mentor.  Please join us and listen to this insightful conversation with a true innovator in the apparel business.


So… I Started Making Videos

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve seen the videos. Mostly women, getting into a bunch of different outfits. They pick up a pair of shoes, snap their fingers, and the shoes magically appear on their feet!

Well, I’ve started doing that for menswear! I laughed my butt off while I was editing the video and you know what? It was fun and I’m going to keep doing them.

Dressing well should be an easy and effortless thing. It’s part of what I’ll be teaching here on the site in posts and other content to come. So, take a look at this first one. If you’re on Instagram you can follow me there: @jd.hendrickson or @jefhendrickson or @laughingravenstudio